My House and I


Solitude is an art of refinement.

This is a painting of Connie Converse, a woman who wrote beautifully quirky songs with somewhat of a haunting undertone in the fifties, though an audience for her work has only emerged in the past few years. As an artist I feel a connection to her work through this idea of presenting a piece of art or music that can be enjoyed simply as silly or catchy but also dissected into something deeper and more heavy and vulnerable, depending on its recipient and their openness and willingness to receive, even if only in that particular moment. That isn’t necessarily to say that it’s meaning is missed or misinterpreted by receiving it at its simplest, outermost shell and then moving on, though there is often more to it if one cares to dig deeper- similar to the ways that people are willing to connect or capable of connecting to one another in real life.

A lovely article about Connie Converse was recently published in the New Yorker. You can read it here.

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