Hep. Lost in Translation. Tangled Transmission. No Patience. Send Noodles


Send Noodles” is a series about intimacy, miscommunication & disconnect.

This series was done for a show called, “Send Nudes” which was featured at my home and studio, also known as The Spaghetti Speakeasy Listening Room and Library of Art and Wooden Chairs. Following a magical and tumultuous romance (funny how those tend to go hand in hand), this was an attempt to express my frustration with the difficulties of communication, understanding, balance, overcoming assumptions and maintaining harmony between two people once they have achieved a certain level vulnerability and exposure. The noodles represent portals and tactics of communication, that are fragile or jumbled, comprimising the path of the intended message from one end to the other.

This is the first painting in the three part series.

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